Fire Damage

When a fire happens in your home or business, the resulting mess can be difficult to clean up and restore without professional help. FloodStar Restoration is the name you can trust for all types of fire damage restoration work. We handle fire damage to both residential and commercial buildings. If your home or business has experienced fire damage, you already know how daunting a task it can be to clean it up. If the cleanup and restoration are not done well, that smoky smell can linger for years. Over the counter products can often mask the odors that come along with fire and smoke damage but when it comes to actually eliminating all traces of fire and smoke damage, FloodStar Restoration has the edge. Our service technicians will arrive at your location with the professional-grade tools and cleaning products necessary to remove all traces of fire and smoke damage, including the lingering odors that can occur. Once the cleaning process has been accomplished, our team will repair and restore the damaged area until it is back to its pre-loss state! If your property has experienced recent damage from a fire, call FloodStar Restoration at (513) 515-2089 today and get a free estimate!  

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24-hour Emergency Services

Fire damage can be difficult to deal with—even a small fire can fill your property with smoke and other damaging fumes, not to mention the water damage that occurs when the fire is extinguished. The key to a good restoration is that the professionals need to get there as quickly as possible to halt the progression of damage. That’s why FloodStar Restoration offers 24/7/365 emergency fire damage restoration services. Fire damage is serious, and the longer you wait to get professional help to clean and restore the damage, the worse your outcome will be. Call FloodStar Restoration at (513) 515-2089 right away, and we’ll answer you at any hour—day or night. We’ll send someone to your location in under an hour, with all of the equipment and tools they’ll need to make an immediate difference. Call (513) 515-2089, you won’t be sorry you did!

Our Services Include :

  • FREE Inspection and Estimate
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Water Removal Services
  • Clean Up and Removal of Unsalvageable Materials
  • Structural Drying
  • Water Damage Restoration and Repair
  • Mold Detection, Removal, and Remediation
  • Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is complicated because no two fires are exactly alike. Even a relatively minor fire can cause a huge mess, flooding the house with smoke and ash, affecting areas that were nowhere near it through the HVAC system. When smoke travels to other rooms, it can cause a layer of soot and ash to be deposited on everything in that room—even if the room was nowhere near the point of combustion. This ashy layer can permanently stain your carpeting, drapes, wallpaper, clothing, even stone and tilework, if it is not removed quickly. FloodStar Restoration uses powerful eco-friendly cleaning agents to remove tough stains and odors from your interior environment, leaving behind a fresh clean scent. Some companies use strong-smelling cleaners to mask the smoky odor, but more often than not the smoke odor will last far longer than the cleaning spray will. At FloodStar Restoration, we will never simply mask odors, but will properly and professionally clean all fire-affected areas, restoring them to a pre-loss state. We can even remove damaged materials from your property quickly and safely. The water and foam used to extinguish a fire often present their own difficulties, adding water damage into the mix. Not only that, but they also mix with the ash and flow into hard-to-reach places like the spaces below your floorboards and between the walls. That ashy mixture can linger there, raising the humidity levels of the building and causing structural damage, mold, and unpleasant odors. Water damage in any form shouldn’t be ignored, but water damage that comes in conjunction with fire damage is especially challenging. As the contaminated water spreads, it can soak into everything and leaves behind a sticky film that is difficult to remove without professional-grade cleaning agents. Because most buildings operate on a fairly closed ecosystem due to HVAC systems, not only does ash and smoke get recycled through the system and sent to every area of the building, but when the water evaporates that moisture also lingers unless it is deliberately removed. Re-circulating moisture and smoke can damage just about everything it comes in contact with, staining everything and leaving a smoky odor that can linger for years. When you call FloodStar Restoration, we’ll send someone to your location with all of the tools and equipment they need to get started. Our service technicians are all IICRC certified and experienced in all levels of fire damage restoration and cleanup. Call FloodStar Restoration at (513) 515-2089 right away following any instance of fire damage, no matter how minor it may seem. You’ll see what a difference a professional restoration team can make!

Other Services

FloodStar Restoration also handles water damage and mold detection and removal. More often than not, these separate types of damage overlap, especially when you consider something like fire damage where the fire begins the destruction, is then extinguished with water or foam, which can mingle with ash to form a sticky residue that is difficult to clean. The moisture can fill the air, raising the humidity and paving the way for mold colonization. Yuck. You can see why it makes sense for your restoration team to be skilled in more than one discipline. If you want professionals for any emergency, call FloodStar Restoration right away at the first sign of trouble! Our phone number is (513) 515-2089 and our helpful staff is standing by to answer your questions. Call now!  

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